Pokemon Fan Makes Amazing Mewtwo Paintings

A creative Pokemon fan makes two amazing Mewtwo paintings based on an image on a single Mewtwo Pokemon trading card.

The Pokemon fandom is filled with hundreds of unique and powerful pocket monsters, but some have more toughness than others. Mewtwo, one of the very first Legendary Pokemon in Gen 1 games, has been a fan favorite since the very beginning. Recently, a Pokemon fan made two amazing paintings of Mewtwo based on a trading card.

As a Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is quite rare both in the Pokemon video games and Pokemon trading card game. Some Mewtwo trading cards can be sold to collectors for incredibly high prices, with at least one being valued at over $400. However, some Pokemon fans prefer to turn Pokemon trading cards into works of art than keeping them in a filing cabinet or display case.


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Redditor Kalseru_ recently shared two beautiful Mewtwo paintings they made based on a specific Mewtwo trading card. This is not the first time that a Pokemon fan has captured Mewtwo’s glory in fan art, but this is perhaps one of the most spectacular. The artist’s work took the dramatic image of Mewtwo featured on the card, showing the Pokémon swirling through the air and surrounded by crackling dark energy, and crafted two possible versions of the full scene.

In the first painting, Mewtwo is depicted floating above an idyllic grassy meadow – or rather, the remains of an idyllic grassy meadow. The ground is cracked into pieces as the Pokemon exerts its enormous psychic powers. Its tail extends down the left side of the painting while two crescent-shaped slashes of purple energy fill the foreground. In the second painting, the dotted green grass and wildflowers are replaced by thick dark clouds and what appears to be a storm-tossed sea. This painting replaces the energy slashes with lightning bolts and the curve of Mewtwo’s dark purple tail, which now whips the viewer.

According to Kalseru_, they created both live paintings, the first being inspired by Dragon Ball Z. The artist said they created two separate paintings based on the same map because they had two separate ideas of what might be happening in the scene. In the official Pokemon map, the art narrowly focuses on Mewtwo, making it hard to tell what’s going on around the creature. Most of the background is taken up by blue-green skies and indistinct purple swirls that could be interpreted in multiple ways. Each painting gives the scene a very different feel.

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