Paintings by Inna Cherneykina are presented at the Portola Art Gallery in November

through Linda Hubbard November 5, 2021

Rediscover local beauty – paintings by Inna Cherneykina – is the featured exhibition at the Portola Art Gallery in November. Although there is no official reception due to COVID-19 security measures, visitors can meet the artist at the gallery on November 9, as well as by appointment.

The exhibition will feature paintings from the past two years created during the pandemic.

“It was time for me to rediscover local beauty, to paint neighborhood roses while the flower markets were closed…to explore the beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley and the seascapes of Pescadero when my painting trip to France ended. been cancelled… to attend Zoom art workshops when we couldn’t meet in person,” Inna says. “Beauty is all around us, and you don’t have to travel far to find it. really enjoyed my local explorations.

Inna is a painter and 3D game artist. Art for her is an exploration of the complex interplay between the world and the human spirit in its most beautiful form. The still lifes and landscapes she paints reflect this enigmatic entanglement of spirit and reality. They merge the real world, its vision of the world and its emotions animated by beautiful flowers or by magnificent sunsets.

She believes that true art is born from a harmony between vibrant colors, bold light and mysterious nuance captured on canvas in a very personal way. It is his objective in each painting to create this harmony, by seeing the beauty of the world and by mixing his personal vision and his admiration in the right proportions.

The Portola Art Gallery is located within the Allied Arts Guild, 75 Arbor Road, Menlo Park.

“Spring Melodies” (16 × 20″, oil) is one of the works presented

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