Painting with a Twist Cultivates Love with Valentine’s Day Paintings | Herald Community Newspapers

From two months together to a ten year anniversary, couples from Baldwin and out of town have come to the family business Painting with a Twist to create art infused with love. The two sold-out painting sessions gave a much-needed boost to the local woman-owned business that is struggling to come back strong due to the pandemic.

Joe Cooper, 56, and Nikki Cooper, 46, decided to come to the reasonably priced studio to try out a new date idea, having never been to a paint and sip establishment before and finding that many salons are closed, narrowing their options for Valentine’s Day.

Nikki said it worked perfectly, “because [the class size of 26] was small enough not to feel overwhelmed, it didn’t feel crowded at all…the lesson was easy to follow and the instructor encouraged us to personalize it, which I really liked…it really is a picture individualized.”

The painting set of trees with a heart-shaped wind blowing across the landscape “required teamwork,” she said, which wasn’t difficult for the ten-year-old couple. Although on Valentine’s Day both Coopers will be working, Joe said “we do Valentine’s Day every day because in the morning I say ‘I love you’, in the afternoon I say ‘ hey, I love you’ and in the evening I close the book and say: “I love you”.

Couple Shaketa Mijangos, 41, and Mitzi Mijangos, 33, are also celebrating their tenth birthday by heading to Painting at a Twist on their tenth anniversary. Shaketa said they were no strangers to painting: “We usually paint at night and today is our anniversary so we love to paint, it’s our thing and we’ve done a lot of that. over the years.” For the day, the Mijangos plan to take a romantic horse and carriage ride around enchanted Central Park.

Chuna Azoba, 27, and Amara Njoku, 25, one of the youngest couples, together for five months, enjoyed the second lesson where the couples painted themselves as kings and queens in a card game. Azoba said he had “never done paint and sip before, but it was easy to follow. Some moves were technical, but definitely a lot of fun… I like how it went. Njoku agreed saying she would “definitely be back”.

Instructor Angie Guevara, 29, has worked at Painting with a Twist since they opened, even visiting the New Orleans store that launched the franchise for training and advice. During her few years as an instructor, she developed her skills in painting and public speaking.

Having attended Parsons School of Design, The New School before joining Painting with a Twist as a graphic designer and illustrator, she enjoyed the other medium of painting. Saying that she “came through the pandemic taking care of my jumping spider Amber and practicing painting, such as learning hyper-realistic skills and creating esoteric fantasy art.”

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