Oil and Acrylic Paintings Featured at Port Townsend Gallery

PORT TOWNSEND — The Port Townsend Gallery presents artists Stephanie K. Johnson and Sally Pfaff this month.

The gallery at 715 Water Street is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Monday, as well as by appointment.

Johnson is a classically trained artist and a graduate of the Aristides studio at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

She aims to create oil paintings that invite viewers to experience the brilliance and mystery of the Old Masters, as she uses vibrant colors in her pieces.

Johnson’s career started at a young age. At 12 she entered her first gallery, Artisans on Taylor in Port Townsend, and at 14 she started her own business.

“With this exhibit, my goal was to celebrate the beauty discovered in our natural world,” she said. “Whether it’s precious seashells found on the beaches of Port Townsend, sunny Tuscan hills, or freshly picked oranges from a local garden, everything pays homage to the wonders of nature.”

Pfaff paints stories of landscapes using an acrylic medium. She thinks her approach to creating a painting has some similarities to writing a story.

Sally Pfaff uses acrylic to depict water interacting with landscapes.

Inspiration for a painting can come from photographs, sketches, life experiences or visual memories.

Sometimes the titles contain clues, but ultimately the viewer must create their own story the same way the artist did in the process of creating the painting.

His more recent paintings are larger semi-abstract landscapes, most of which include water in different forms as it interacts with the landscape. Water shows emotion and mood and is often a central theme in his work.

Pfaff’s painting process ranges from dilute medium to a watercolor consistency to dry, viscous brushwork (straight out of the tube).

In the end, she says, she hopes her paintings will transport viewers to a memorable place that allows them to pause and enjoy the moment.

For more information, call 360-379-8110 or visit www.porttownsendgallery.com.

??Olive oil store in Pienza??  is one of Stephanie K. Johnson's works of art featured at the Port Townsend Gallery this month.

“Olive Oil Shop in Pienza” is one of Stephanie K. Johnson’s artworks featured at the Port Townsend Gallery this month.

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