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Stories, Tony Okuyeme An exhibition featuring an exclusive array of oil and acrylic paintings as well as mixed media works by three artists – Stanley Dudu, Dodd Brown and Uchenna Ohagwu – opens this Saturday, at Angels and Muse, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Titled, Figures and Colours, the exhibition, which will run until Sunday, September 25, 2022, is curated by Lucid Grand and curated by Udemma Chukwuma. Significantly, the show has already started garnering praise from viewers across the industry. Chukwuma revealed that their informed choices of these three artists were based on their unique perceptions and expressions of figures, compositions and colors.

“We are delighted to present the recent works of these amazing painters. We invite patrons, enthusiasts and connoisseurs to come and see the works. We assure you of a fulfilling and delightful viewing experience,” she said.

For more than a decade, Dudu established himself as a renowned artist after graduating from art school. Her flair for unapologetic expressions of feminine, feminine, and femininity draws on a philosophical underpinning of life, growing up, and marriage.

His multi-thematic explorations are carried out with a multimedia capacity that allows him to express his ideas and concepts in various media, including charcoal and pastel. His profile already included three individual exhibitions and more than 30 collective exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Brown is a prolific contemporary Nigerian artist in different media. His paintings interrogate a myriad of subjects mainly drawn from life experiences.

Additionally, “his works engage the mind in a way that entangles the viewer in the discourses of his canvas. He is also.” As a multimedia artist, Brown is keen to distinguish himself in each of the mediums he explores. His works in woven fabrics, newsprints and paintings on canvas are decidedly a multi-talented creative enterprise.

A notable feature of his styles is what he calls FABRICation. His art continues to evolve but does not lack adventure and creativity. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Department of Fine Art and Design. Ohagwu is a Nigerian multimedia artist in search of self-expression. Clearly a creative with a lot to say, he engages with different media and experiments with unique elements, styles and shapes.

His evolution as an artist spans from the periods of rooting himself in drawing in the early 80s and the influence of the Uli scripts of his village (insert his village name here) to the urban explosion of the golden age of hip-hop in the city partly stimulated by comic books and graffiti.

Born in Enugu State, Ohagwu developed his artistic knowledge at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, where he was exposed to formal figure studies and techniques. He honed his skills throughout the four years of his training program in painting, drawing and design.

He completed his training in 2003 by acquiring a BTS in Fine Arts and Design. His inspiration comes from the conflicts and realities of 21st century Nigeria. He explores his creative concepts through mixed media that includes digital art. He claims that an interplay of his lived experiences and his conscious study of organic layers of meaning and structured existence led him to the #horiverti muse, which over time evolved into a style of drawing and painting. paint.

This unique style displays intricate renderings of soft edges, freehand renderings with horizontal and vertical lines, something like a map which for him is a commitment with a test of integrity, discipline and consistency in trying to learning or negotiating one’s way through the multi-layered structures of life on the Web. It also serves as a visual metaphor for the therapeutic solution of rebuilding and restructuring necessary for progress and growth in life.


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