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Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate representation of a visual reality, but rather uses shapes, colors, shapes, and gestural marks to achieve its effect. “I chose to specialize in abstract painting because I discovered that I could freely express my thoughts and emotions through it.

There is nothing more liberating and exciting than being able to experiment with painting while communicating your thoughts and emotions, which can be difficult to say out loud,” Mokoka told Arts & Culture in an interview. .

Mokoka has also said that he uses acrylic paints on canvas to create his works. She revealed that she learned abstract painting by watching international artists on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. “I pushed myself to learn more about abstract paintings because I didn’t dwell much on paintings in elementary and graduate school. I’ve been doing abstract paintings for a year and several months,” she said.

Additionally, she explained that most of her inspiration comes from how she feels, her life experiences, and the colors found in nature. She also explained that she didn’t have any particular piece of art that was her favorite. She believed that each work of art was unique, carried value and a piece of her soul.

Although abstract paintings are not popular in Botswana, Mokoka said she received good reviews from the public and potential clients who wanted to buy her work. She said she mostly paints intuitively without having an image or model to paint from. She added that the end results came from spontaneous play or experimentation with brushes, colors and textures.

Talking about the challenges she is facing, she said she has no place to sell her works at the moment but said she is currently advertising her works on her social media pages. Other challenges she has encountered include being unable to stay consistent with creating artwork due to long hours in the corporate sector. However, she said she tried to create works of art with every chance she had.

“As a newly arrived abstract artist, I am happy to have sold three paintings, especially during the pandemic. I have managed to exhibit some of my works in one of the best art galleries in Botswana, the Thapong Visual Arts Centre. I have goals that I have yet to meet such as organizing a solo exhibition planned for next year. My long term goal is to establish my own art gallery in Botswana and around the world.” she said.

Mokoka was born in 1997, she grew up in Selebi Phikwe and it was during her primary school years that she started doing Zentangle art. Looking back, she said her passion for art made her choose art as one of her subjects from elementary to high school. She said she did extremely well in the subject and won several awards. These awards included the Botswana National Art Fair for Secondary Schools where she won first place for her work Zentangle in 2013. Other awards include Best Student Art which she achieved in 2012 and 2013. However At the tertiary level, she took a different career path where she studied Bachelor of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Botswana. She said it was on her third year of college when she decided to continue with art and major in abstract paintings.

For any request, she can be contacted @ Facebook: Amantle, Mokoka Art, Instagram:amantlemokoka_art, Twitter: AmantleM_Art. She is, however, in the process of creating an Amazon website for her works.

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