Minecraft fan creates real-life replicas of in-game paintings

Minecraft is filled with little details that fans have come to love. From strange mobs to unique buildings that populate certain biomes, Minecraft is a veritable cornucopia of interesting details. Indeed, ever since the title was first released, it has enchanted gamers, in part because of its whimsy and quirkiness. Now a dedicated fan has recreated some of from Minecraft famous paintings.

As the title grows and evolves, and new Minecraft updates reach fans, the game has changed from its original release. While much of the new content is exciting, there are still players who enjoy the classic Minecraft details, including the simple paintings that have adorned designs for over a decade.


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Reddit user Themayasaurus recently posted a photo on the Minecraft subreddit which shows the game’s iconic paintings, the plant and ocean scene, perfectly recreated on canvas. This Minecraft creating players is just one example of the incredible things passionate fans have been able to do. The paintings are so well done, in fact, that they appear to be in-game at first glance. It’s fascinating for many fans to see them done so well, considering millions of gamers have been using the images in their creations for years.

Indeed, although there are texture pacts in Minecraft which can change the appearance of paintings, there are very few players who do not know the originals. Now more than ever, it’s the perfect time for gamers to celebrate the originality that made Minecraft so popular over the past decade, especially in light of the #SaveMinecraft trend. As fans continue to share their creations, it’s a reminder to the community of everything that made the title great. Hopefully the title will remain the creative outlet it has always been for gamers everywhere.

However, the truth is that the future of Minecraft of unknown. Mojang is not backing down from the #SaveMinecraft movement and intends to keep the chat-reporting update operational. Thousands of gamers, meanwhile, have already started downloading plugins that allow them to work around the supposed problem. But Minecraft was never supposed to talk about politics or control. Gamers have been drawn to the game because of the freedom it offers. Hopefully, fans will continue to show their passion, as the Mayasaurus did, and that the community can come together and tackle all the issues that challenge the classic open-world title that so many know and love.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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