Miho Hirano and Nicoletta Ceccoli share dreamlike oil paintings of fantasy worlds, vulnerability and seduction

Hirano is known for her dreamlike oil paintings, inhabited by fleeting spirits in harmony with their natural surroundings. Her new Recollection series represents a world where humans and nature can co-exist, communicating delicate beauty through the use of soft colors and flowing brushstrokes.

“I try to express a single landscape on canvas through the motif of nature and accessories familiar to the viewer,” Hirano told Creative Boom. “I’ve been working on this concept for a long time, but this time I did it with the theme of remembrance or remembrance. The world I draw is ‘whimsical’…but I create works that look at the past of the life.memories. This new body of work expresses emotion and scenes from my past, with a bit of sadness and healing, and at times imbued with sentiment.”

© Miho Hirano – Dialog. Oil on canvas 29 x 24

© Miho Hirano – Swimming.  Oil on canvas 18 x 18

© Miho Hirano – Swimming. Oil on canvas 18 x 18

Ceccoli’s Relazioni Pericolose series, which translates to “Dangerous Liaisons”, also depicts a beautiful and strange dream world in Wonderland. There’s a hint of shy seduction behind each of the world-renowned children’s book illustrator’s work. Spooky childish scenes are punctuated with anxieties from the artist’s adulthood: choices to be made, demons that haunt us and beauty that hides danger. Sometimes insecure girls can be seen seducing the man. While in other works, the girls are seduced by evil creatures into a struggle between the ever-present forces of love and death, pleasure and pain.

Ceccoli shares, “These new works embody many of the recurring themes and obsessions that inhabit my universe and reveal my ‘darkest sides’. The fear of being stalked, hurt by others, of losing myself in a relationship, of both the fear and the desire to take possession of the loved one, and to fall under the control of someone else.”

© Nicoletta Ceccoli - Just a kiss

© Nicoletta Ceccoli – Just a kiss

© Nicoletta Ceccoli – Safe from Evil

© Nicoletta Ceccoli – Safe from Evil

© Nicoletta Ceccoli - Girls just wanna have fun

© Nicoletta Ceccoli – Girls just wanna have fun

Ceccoli’s stories often draw on the world of the funny and the macabre, the pretty and the violent, the disturbing and the delectable. She adds, “I invent visual stories that address the dilemmas, illusions and fears that are so personal, but also universal. Just like in life, there is a duality in my work. Nothing is completely black or white. all good or all bad feels like something is missing. Life is like that too – you can’t have good without bad.

Recollection and Relazioni Pericolose opens Saturday, November 2 at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles and runs through December 7, 2019.

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