Kazuo Umezu’s New Work Is 101 Acrylic Paintings Serving As My Name is Shingo Manga Sequel – News

The works will be exhibited in January-March in Tokyo as part of the major Umezu exhibition.

Prolific creator of horror manga Kazuo Umezu announced on its website on November 24 that its first previously announced new work in 26 years would be titled Zoku Shingo: Chiisana Robot Shingo Bijutsukan (Shingo Suite: Small Shingo Robot Art Museum). The work will be a sequel to his Watashi wa Shingo (My name is Shingo) manga and is a series of 101 acrylic paintings.

The new work will debut in January at an art exhibition featuring Umezu’s work titled “Kazuo Umezz The Great Art Exhibition.” The exhibition will be held at Tokyo City View from January 28 to March 25, then at the Abeno Harukas Art Museum in Osaka from September 17 to November 20, 2022.

Umezu said in August that he had been working on the project for four years. He added, “It’s amazing work, and once you get a first look at it, there’s no getting away from it!!”

science fiction manga My name is Shingo ran into Shogakukanit is Weekly Comedy Great Minds Set in the 1980s. The manga tells the story of a boy and a girl who sincerely love each other, but have been separated by adults, and an industrial robot who has grown in sensitivity. The manga explores metaphysical themes like “what is a god?” and “what is consciousness?”

VizMedia Umezu’s previously released The drifting class manga from 2006 to 2008, and released the manga digitally in 2013. VizMediathe new deluxe hardcover version of the manga, titled The drifting class: The perfect edition, released in 2019-2020. His other manga include Makoto-chan, boy with cat eyesand Orochiamong others.

Umezu originally retired from manga drawing in 1995 after completing the 14-sai manga. He then made his directorial debut in an autobiographical film titled Motherwhich opened in Japan in September 2014.

from Japan Cultural Affairs Agency awarded Umezu its Cultural Affairs Commissioner Award in March 2019, which honors “persons who have made outstanding achievements in artistic and cultural activities.”

Source: Kazuo Umezuit is website, comedic Natalie

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