Elden Ring Paintings Locations & Solutions Guide – Detailed Rewards

The Elden Ring paintings require you to run all around The Lands Between in search of the area where the artist created his masterpiece, but you get some really great rewards in return. In this Elden Ring Painting Locations guide, we will detail how to find them and how to solve the puzzles.

Completing them isn’t necessary for any part of the story or any side quests – not that we’ve found, at least – but the rewards include a unique ash of war, a hood ideal for magic users, and even a high – Incantation level.

Elden Ring Paint Locations and Puzzle Solutions

There are seven painting puzzles in total, though you can’t access some of the solutions until well after you find the painting.

Homing Instinct Paint Location and Solution

The Homing Instinct painting can be found in the Limgrave Artist’s Hut, east of the Murkwater Coast Grace Site. If you haven’t found it yet, go to the Grace of Saintsbridge site and head southeast down the cliffs (safely). The painting depicts a view of Stormveil Castle from afar.

Travel to the site of Grace’s Seaside Ruins and head northwest. You’ll see the Ghostly Painter a bit after Giant Bats, and he leaves behind the Incantation Scarab Helmet, which slightly reduces the FP cost of Incantations.

Prophecy Painting location and walkthrough

The prophecy is in a small room near Grace’s Liftside site in Castle Stormveil. Exit the Grace room, go down the stairs past the deadly dog ​​and the mini-troll, then head to the door to find the painting.

The solution to this one is behind the pilgrimage church on the weeping peninsula. The painter sits on the cliffs at the back of the church, facing Stormveil Castle. This one gives you the Warhawk Spirit Summon, which summons one of the Stormveil Knife Birds to your aid.

Resurrection painting location and walkthrough

This one is in Artist Liurnia’s cabin, southeast of the Church of Vows (Church of the Turtles, in other words) and west of the Carian Study Hall. Depending on when you find the painting, it may take some time to find the solution. It’s near Three Sisters, behind Caria Manor.

Besides the giant nightmarish hands that roam all the lower floors of the mansion, you must also face the royal knight Loretta before gaining access to the Three Sisters. Once there, the painter is in the graveyard southeast of the site of grace behind Caria Manor. You’ll get a Larval Tear for respecting Rennala, as well as a Juvenile Hat and Robe.

Redmane Paint Location and Solution

Redmane is near the Sellia Under Stairs Site of Grace. Head up the stairs, take the first right, and you’ll find him in the rubble. The solution is however much less simple to find and it is better to try it without many runes.

Travel to Fort Faroth and head to the cliff above the Minor Erdtree. Use the Spiritwind to descend safely and avoid the Putrid Avatar if you haven’t already defeated it. Walk towards the cliff and you will see a sharp V-shaped slot there, with a pot sitting at the base of the V. If you look down there is a giant root. Walk along the right side of the V and jump to the root. Approaching it from any other direction means the game will more than likely cause you to bounce off the root and die.

This way you will take some damage and be able to continue. Descend carefully using roots and towers. Facing the blue magic golem, you’ll see another set of ruined arches to your left, on a small promontory overlooking the red beach. Your painter is there and drops the Rain of Arrows Ashes of War.

Champion’s Song Paint Location and Solution

This painting can be found in the Shady Castle, the Poison Swamp west of the Windmill Pasture. Starting at Grace’s site of the Shady Castle Ramparts, head northeast until you reach a wooden staircase on your left. Climb on it and there you will find the painting in the alcove.

The solution can be found in the middle of the Altus plateau. Fast travel to the Windmill Village site of Grace and follow the road south. It will eventually curve west and you will see a statue at the end of the road. Your painter is near the statue and drops the harp bow.

Flightless bird painting location and solution

Flightless Bird is nestled in Leyndell. If you’ve already found the Grace Fortified Mansion site, it’s in the same room. Otherwise, go to the Grace site of the Western Capital Walls, go down the stairs and turn left on the ledge with the little monster playing the bugle. Go down from there – or use the stairs, if you want to be safe – and enter through the double doors. The room you want is on the right, then all you have to do is follow the corridors to the painting.

The solution is in Windmill Village. Take the path through the village past the creepy dancers and turn right where you fought the Dragonhide Apostle. (or fight the Apostle if you haven’t already, although it’s a tough fight). Keep going past another group of dancing peasants and the painter is at the edge of the cliff. You will get the Deadly Sin Incantation of Fire this time.

Wizard Paint Location and Solution

The final painting can be found in Castle Sol in the Giant’s Peaks region, and it takes a while to reach. Enter the castle, then turn left at the end of the courtyard. Follow the stairs up and around, then climb the first metal ladder. Turn left again and continue across the ramparts and the small connecting bridge. When it looks like you’ve reached a dead end, jump onto the ramparts and jump onto the next set of ramparts in front of you. From there, just follow the wooden walkways until you reach a roof with a trapdoor. Drop down and interact with the painting inside.

The solution is on the bridge west of Starshade Ruins. The Painter drops the Greathood helmet, a unique piece of armor that increases Faith and Intelligence at the cost of HP.

If you’re looking for more help in The Lands Between, check out our in-depth Elden Ring guide for tips on finding the best weapons, which spells are best for you, and how to reach the heights of the giants.

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