Dark Souls 2 Fan Shows Off Incredible Majula Paintings

A talented artist and FromSoftware fan on Reddit shares some of their amazing paintings of Majula, the coastal area in Dark Souls 2.

The dark souls The games are renowned for being extremely challenging dark fantasy RPGs that keep players coming back for more due to their unique atmosphere and storytelling. The dark souls The series sees players slowly and carefully exploring a dark medieval world with a heavy and oppressive atmosphere. However, each game also contains a safe haven where the player can let their guard down. dark souls 1 and 3 both have Firelink shrines, and dark souls 2 has the peaceful abandoned village of Majula.


The first one dark souls The game has been praised for its Metroidvania-style world, which loops around itself and allows multiple shortcuts to be opened between different areas. In dark souls 2however, the coastal village of Majula acts as a central area that leads to all other areas of the game. Majula is also the only place players can level up, and thus throughout an average portion of the game, players may have gone through Majula hundreds of times.

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dark souls 2 is a polarizing game in the series among dark souls fans, but despite this, its players hold fond memories of Majula as the only point of safety in the game’s otherwise oppressive world. of community feeling to the region. Now, a talented artist on Reddit named ArtbyAEB has shared two incredible paintings that perfectly capture Majula’s peaceful vibe at dark souls 2.

ArtbyAEB’s paintings show Majula from two different locations and angles, both of which will be recognizable to gamers. dark souls 2. But the Reddit user’s two paintings focus on the same point, which is the monument built on the cliffs overlooking the coast that can be used in-game to check the total death toll for dark souls 2 players. ArtbyAEB’s paintings perfectly capture the calming sanctuary of dark souls 2‘s Majula and its permanent golden hour sunset.

A look at the Reddit user’s Instagram account, named artbya.eb, reveals that not only are they extremely talented, but they are also very skilled in creating art inspired by the dark souls series, with many more paintings of places like Ash Lake from dark souls and characters like Soul of Cinder from dark souls 3. ArtbyAEB has also painted scenes based on other FromSoftware titles such as transmitted by blood and Ring of Elden.

The dark souls the series’ unique visual designs have inspired countless artists to recreate areas or characters from the games. But for such a challenging series full of horrifying drawings, it’s surprising how many artists choose to capture the rarest peaceful moments of the dark souls games instead.

dark souls 2 is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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