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These videos shared on Instagram by an artist painter show how couples react to the paintings she made of them on their wedding day.

Maggie Smith Kühn is a painter who recently went viral on TikTok and now also on Instagram. She paints couples at their wedding according to what they require them to be. The reactions of these couples are so heartwarming to see that they are gaining internet.

In a few Instagram Reels videos of the painter that have gone viral, viewers can see how emotional it is for the bride and groom to see how the paintings turn out. Some of them can be seen crying, while others are overjoyed and exclaim something super cute.

“I have so many reaction sequences and you asked for compilations, so here we go! I can’t always film the reactions, so some paintings don’t have sequences. It’s difficult for me, they’re all my babies and I’m going to try to film a ton of them this year and not miss a moment!” reads the caption for the first part of the reaction videos.

Watch it here:

Since being shared on January 10, this video has garnered over 28,500 likes. It has also accumulated several comments.

“These brides have all the most stunning dresses and are so unique,” one Instagram user posted. “Your work is amazing, it evokes so much emotion in people and on stage. I hope one day my wedding can be painted by you! posted another. “These reactions bring me so much joy!! I love that what you do makes people so happy,” a third commented, followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

She also shared the second part of the video on her Instagram page with the caption, “So much fun to do, makes me so happy in life!”

Here is the video:

Maggie flies to weddings and in case she can’t make it, there’s another way couples can get their wedding day painted.

This is how:

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