Artist Reinvents METALLICA’s Puppet Master as Oil Paintings for Charity

Art meets audio perfection when Philip Mora take Metallicit is Puppeteer. Ghoulish puppets, kitten-riddled preachers, pulverized thrash punks, a bit of Lovercraft, and more, all featured in eight 12″ prints. 60% of all proceeds will be donated to the San Vicente Foundation Children’s Hospital to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children with cancer in Colombia. Even better, the first 100 copies sold will contain a numbered and signed print as a bonus!

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Order your copy here and check it out below. You can also consult More‘s Third World Posse here for additional projects like this, all of which also go to charity.

Third World Posse describes itself as follows: “The heavy music scene has a long history of supporting charitable causes, Alice Cooperof the Solid Rock Foundation for Dimebag darrell‘s Dime Scholarship – headbangers have been proven time and again to have the biggest hearts. With the current state of the world, fundraising is more important than ever.

“Every Third World Posse release will benefit a charitable or fundraising cause in the artist’s country. Donations will be shared on this website and our social media channels.”

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