Artist creates fantastic abstract paintings of colorful galaxies

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While some artists find inspiration in the familiar beauty of nature, others look to the stars. Los Angeles-based artist Lanchen Mihalic (also called Lanchen designs) creates incredible paintings that explore the fascinating depths of space. She decorates canvases of various shapes and sizes with depictions of swirling nebulae, galaxies and planets.

Mihalic’s expansive portfolio examines a myriad of celestial scenes in a range of fantastic color combinations. “Painting abstract nebulae allows me to create the cosmos we haven’t discovered yet,” she told My Modern Met. Using acrylic paint and resin, the talented artist pairs black with purple, orange and blue hues to mimic the endless depths of space. Then she adds lots of white stars to light up the abstract background and bring it to life.

In addition to his space-inspired canvases, Mihalic also embellishes footwear. From sneakers to wedge heels, she uses her brush to transform fabric into a portal to another galaxy. “I hope my work will inspire others to keep looking and exploring beyond the world we know,” Mihalic continues.

You can buy Mihalic’s space art through her Etsy shop, and stay up to date with her latest creations by following her on instagram.

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