Artist captures diverse ecosystems in stunning acrylic paintings

There are a myriad of unique creatures living deep under water and between blades of grass. Self-taught artist based in Los Angeles Robert Steven Connett explores the diversity of these less visible ecosystems in her vibrant acrylic paintings. From plankton and jellyfish to praying mantises and rhinoceros beetles, each colorful image is filled with dozens of carefully rendered life forms.

Connett finds endless inspiration in the beauty of “the flora and fauna of the natural world, especially those of oceanic origin.” Although some viewers believe his work is digitally painted, the artist actually produces each piece using traditional methods. For this reason, some of his more complex compositions can take upwards of 2,000 hours.

The kaleidoscopic mix of colors and the many fine details recall the beauty of scientific illustrations. Many of the creatures depicted would not normally be visible without the use of a microscope, but Connett’s images magnify their appearance so viewers can admire every part of them. Likewise, the cluttered arrangement of creatures and plants imbues the images with a bubbly energy that is a delight to watch.

You can purchase original prints and illustrations through Connett’s Online Store and follow the artist on instagram to keep up to date with the artist’s latest projects.

“Devour Star Jelly”

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