Abstract paintings take over the Sutter Creek Gallery | Homepage

Abstract artist Curtis Stromme is the January Artist at Sutter Creek Gallery.

Stromme has an unusual way of fixing acrylic paint to the surfaces he paints. He does it without brushes. Instead, he uses wooden blocks to apply the paint. No one knows how he makes the circles that appear in his hand pieces.

Nor does Stromme title his creations; he prefers to allow viewers to provide their own interpretations and connections to the artworks. He surrounds his paintings with simple chrome frames so as not to detract from the art, making them seem to stretch beyond their borders.

Despite occasional forays into figurative art (inspired by numerous trips to Portugal), Stromme realized early on that creating abstract acrylic paintings was what gave him pleasure. Using paper rather than canvas, he applies acrylic paint with blocks to create vivid compositions. He starts with a background color and then applies additional paints that glide over the surface and sometimes collide with the previously applied colors. Layers create a textured surface, while metallic swirls, circles and lines add vibrancy.

Stromme says that “knowing when to stop is the hardest part of painting”. He also produces what he calls art trading cards. These 2.5 x 3.5 inch abstracts are painted on matboard panels. Some of these cards are mounted on paper and can be framed for display.

Customers can visit Sutter Creek Gallery, 35 Main St., Sutter Creek, in January to view and purchase Stromme’s pieces. The gallery is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Monday. To learn more, visit suttercreekgallery.com or call 267-0228.

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